About us
Who we are

From our award-winning laser TV to our video baby monitor - our products not only enrich the lives of countless customers worldwide, but also impress with their timeless design.

Our history

VAVA was founded in 2015 and quickly became an uncomfortable pioneer in the field of smart living. Our commitment to intuitive, innovative design led to our first Red Dot Award in 2016. In 2021 we also received the iF Design Award for our Laser TV.

Our team

Our team is constantly striving to create exceptional products that improve everyday life.

Our vision

With the future of 5G and the integration of houses with innovative technology, we have set ourselves high goals: a VAVA product that helps every family in every home. Whether our 4K projector changes the way you watch TV or with our baby monitor you can always keep an eye on the most important things in your life - we want to be at the forefront of interacting with your home in a different way.

Our mission

Our mission is clear: to simplify modern life through outstanding know-how and high-quality technology. We anticipate and face the challenges of future requirements so that you can concentrate on the really important moments.